Believers, from Columbia, MO, played at Cake Shop in NYC last night. It was the band’s heavier, louder, more bombastic moments that attracted me to them in the first place, but live, their set veered mostly towards the vaguely tropical, on the Vampire Weekend, Local Natives, Animal Collective side of things, with only moments of inspired chaos. All in all, they played tight and sounded great, though it was their last song - when the lead singer finally came out of his withdrawn shell a bit and put down the guitar, filling the room with yelps and spasms to close the set, that really grabbed me. 

The band is currently on their first “real tour,” stopping at Glasslands in Brooklyn tonight before heading up to SPACE in Portland, ME (for a great lineup of HillyTown favorites Computer At Sea and Foam Castles). Check them out!

Believers on tour:
10/07 – Brooklyn, NY @ Glasslands
10/08 – Portland, ME @ SPACE Gallery
10/10 – Cincinnati, OH @ Mayday
10/11 – Bloomington, IN @ Bishop Bar
10/12 – Champaign, IL @ Mike n Molly’s
10/13 – Chicago, IL @ Schubas
10/14 – Rock Island, IL @ Daytrotter

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